Jia believes art has a fluidity that can cross cultural and racial boundaries. That is, without understanding the artist's complete autobiography and the social and political environment she lived in, audiences can still feel the artist's emotional nuances at the moment the artwork is created. Inspired and acknowledged by this idea, Jia creates art to raise social awareness of environmental issues, and mental health, and to encourage cultural celebration. 

Drawing inspiration from both Jia's academic background in psychology and personal experiences, she strives to create thought-provoking art that encourages viewers to reflect on the complexities of mental health and the importance of empathy and understanding. Additionally, as a strong advocate for gender equality, Jia uses my artistic talents to challenge societal norms and promote a more inclusive and equitable world. In her pursuit of raising environmental awareness, Jia's art often incorporates sustainable materials and highlights the delicate balance between humanity and nature. By combining her passion for art with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, she aims to create pieces that not only resonate with viewers but also inspires meaningful conversations and positive change.

Please feel free to browse Jia's galleries, which have been arranged based on the artwork's medium and the theme. Should you have any questions or wish to collaborate, please contact Jia by clicking on the contact button on the top right. 




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